Food Networks

• Farmer to Farmer Exchange from NE Minnesota and southern Ontario is held once a year for farmers / growers to share information.
This event is usually held the first Saturday in February.
• WTIP Northern Gardening Radio Show (90.7 FM) is held monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 7—8 p.m.

Local Food Market

• Local Food Market established at the Cook County Community Center in Grand Marais.
• The Market is open from mid-June through mid-October on Thursdays starting at 5:00 p.m.
• Any Cook County resident is invited to sell local food products at the market. Call 387-3015 for more information or contact
• Cash / EBT reader

Local Garden Initiatives

• Two community gardens developed in Grand Marais with one more being planned.
• GardenShare program with one landowner providing garden space and a gardener providing labor to share produce. IF you have land and need garden / farm help or if you are interested in gardening / farming but don’t have any land, please contact us.
• Support for local youth gardening programs

Composting Project

•Food waste quantified as a nitrogen source in Grand Marais area to determine larger scale compost project / business


• CC Whole Foods Cooperative
• CC Chamber of Commerce
• Cook County Extension
• NE Sustainable Development Partnership
• Northland Foundation
• Sawtooth Mt. Clinic
• Statewide Health Improvement Program
• U of M Center for Urban and Regional Affairs
• U of M Cook County Master Gardeners
• WTIP Radio Station

“Green Dollar” Survey

• 38% of Cook County’s yearly gross sales are tied to food.
• $78,2 million in food dollars are spent yearly.
• $76.9 million of those dollars are spent outside the county.
• $1.3 million or less than 2% of those food dollars are produced in Cook County.

$1,304,109 In Locally Produced Food Sales
$76,935,890 in Non-Locally Produced Food Sales

• Every $1 spent locally generates additional dollars in the community, just from money being passed around.
• Increased local food production can be a significant form of Economic Development in Cook County.